Three awesome gadget announcements for autumn

4605403864_1a9b7a485aThe latest round-up of cool gadget news from the web, featuring push-button pizzas, DIY smart phones and having Gmail message your mum back.

Gmail inbox – takes care of those pesky replies for you

Are you bored of replying to those boring emails you get from friends, family and work colleagues?  Well now you can take a break from communicating with a new service that’s been unveiled by Gmail.  The upgraded app will now be able to suggest responses all by itself, meaning that your potential for interaction with other human beings can be reduced to a manageable level.  It’s simple, open the email in the inbox app, then read it and tap down to the reply area.  Underneath the compose button there will be three automated ‘smart replies’ that Google reckons will work just fine.  To use any of them simply select and click the paper airplane image to send.

Fairphone 2 – we’re all engineers now

The second generation of this modular phone, created by a Dutch start up is set to hit the virtual shelves this December for around €525 or £360.  If you’ve ever smashed the screen of your phone, only to discover the cost of getting one replaced is more than the entire gadget is worth, then this is for you.  The makers of the Fairphone 2 have created a device that you can take apart and better still they actually encourage you to give it a try!  On each you’ll find the words “designed to open”, so no one can tell you any different, or ask if you know what youFairphone_back_inside_sim_slots_02’re doing – because the phone says it’s ok! There are no special tools needed, just pop the back cover and you’re in.  Instructions are laid out on each part and there’s also a handy little map, allowing newbies to navigate their way around the complex inner workings of a smart phone.

Pizza hotline – latest threat to our fragile self control 

Have you ever lain in front of the TV thinking, ‘I wish I could just press a button and get a pizza’?  Well guess what…science has caught up with your dreams!  It’s been a while since Domino’s launched their delivery app, but now The Easy Order is taking convenience to a new level.  Just using one click of a physical and virtual button, hungry customers can now get their favourite pizza on tap.  The physical version is set to hit British shores in February next year and is provided by Flic.  Once your details are saved with the company, just order by clicking the Bluetooth enabled button and then confirming via the app.

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