Hello and welcome to our Terms of Service. This website is run by Super Loot and when we use the terms ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ we are referring to Super Loot. If you want to use our website you must abide by the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”), bear in mind that these may change from time to time. You should read the Terms along with any other disclaimers or conditions we mention in other areas of our website. The Terms are relevant to anyone who uses our website, including, but not limited to, sellers, buyers, browsers, customers and anyone who writes our content. By choosing to visit and use our website, you consent to and agree to comply with our Terms and also our privacy policy. If you cannot accept the Terms, we cannot authorise you to enter the site, make an order or access any of our online services.

Using our website

By using our website you agree that your interest is legitimate and you are not doing so for the purpose of illegal or unauthorised activity. This activity could include, but is not limited to, the violation of privacy laws or laws relating to intellectual property rights. In agreeing with the Terms you guarantee that you are old enough to enter into a binding contract. Furthermore, you agree that you will not be using our website to commit any criminal or civil offence, or break any law. You also agree that you will not tamper with our system or interfere with our security protocols in order to gain unauthorised entry to our network. You agree that the information you provide us with, including but not limited to, contact details, email address and mailing, is all accurate. You are also obliged to update your information where necessary. You give us permission to collate and use the information you provide to get in touch with you where necessary; this will be done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Some general conditions

At anytime, for any reason we see fit, we reserve the right to refuse anyone our service. We may also modify our website, or terminate, suspend, discontinue and change any aspect of it, without notice. We may have to add extra rules, or apply limits of use. In using this website you agree that you will frequently reread the Terms so you can be aware of and agree to any changes made. You agree that in carrying out any changes, modifications, discontinuations or suspending any aspect of our content, service or products, we accept no liability in relation to you or a third party. Everything you buy from us is subject to availability, at our discretion we might cancel or limit quantities advertised on our pages. We may also limit a sale, or a service, or a product, to a person, region, jurisdiction or particular household. Each price advertised on our website is potentially subject to change, without us giving any notice.

If you cancel your subscription within the first month, your initial order will be also cancelled. We do not offer one off boxes, we are a subscription based service.

You will be billed on the same day each month. Boxes are dispatched at the end of every month. Because of this you may be billed twice before you get your first box depending on the time of the month that you sign up.

Unless we state otherwise, all prices are quoted in Great British Pounds (GBP). If we have reason to suspect you have made a fraudulent or false order, we reserve the right to cancel it and also notify the relevant authority. If we have reason to believe an order is being place on behalf of a wholesaler, or reseller or distributer of any kind we can refuse to fulfil the order. We cannot guarantee that the colour or design of a product displayed on our website will be entirely accurate. However, be assured that we do make every effort to provide clear and honest images of each product we sell.

Links on our pages to third party websites

We make links to third party websites available on our pages for convenience only, no one at Super Loot has any control over their content, nor have we reviewed approved or endorsed any product or service they may offer. We take no responsibility for these third party links and this also is true of websites that choose to link to us. Choosing to click on a link and follow it to an external site is your choice and done at your own risk, we do not take responsibility and are not liable for any damages sustained in using the link. If you click on a link to a downloadable software site, please bear in mind that these too are provided by us for convenience alone. We accept no responsibility or liability for the consequences or any difficulties you may experience when trying to access or download the software. In using downloaded software you are governed by the terms of the license agreement, should one exist. This will be made available by the software provider itself.
Using our feedback or comments section, and providing other submissions
If you choose to post information, comments, profiles, messages, or any other form of content (together known as the “content”), you accept that you are wholly responsible for it. Everything you share, distribute or write on our website or even make available through our website, is your responsibility. Furthermore, you must acknowledge responsibility for your Content in terms of trademarks, intellectual property rights, copyright laws and legality. You also agree that if you submit any content to our website in response to a request made by us, we can adapt it, edit it, recreate it, publish it or distribute it. When you submit content, we are under no obligation to maintain it in confidence, to provide any financial compensation or to respond to the Content. You agree not to share, post or distribute any kind of Content on the pages of our website that is protected under law, this may be through patents, trademarks, copyright agreements, or another proprietary right. Or, you must obtain the consent of the owners of these rights before doing so.
Furthermore, you agree that any Content posted by you is not obscene, illegal or abusive in any way. It should not contain any form of computer virus or malware that could affect the operation of our website. You have sole responsibility for the Content you produce and how accurate it is. We cannot take responsibility for or accept liability for any Content you post on our website or that is posted by a third party. If we feel that you have posted something unacceptable we reserve the right to remove your ability to make any further posts on our website. We may also delete and remove the Content we find objectionable. By posting on our website you agree to these terms and waive any claim you may make against us for deleting and removing the Content in question.

How we use your personal information

We may gather, share and use any personal information which you provide when using our website. For more details on this please see out Privacy Policy.

There could be errors and omissions

Please bear in mind that our website may contain written errors or inaccuracies and it may not be regularly updated. We may correct these errors, omissions or inaccuracies or provide an update without giving notice and at any time. This includes after you have placed an order. When we refer to errors these may be ones which relate to prices, availability, promotions and the descriptions of products. We may cancel or refuse to fulfil an order based on the fact that it was not priced correctly or the availability information was wrong, however this will only be in accordance with the law. We are only obliged to explain, update or modify the information we provide on our website in accordance with the law.
The disclaimer and the limitations of our liability
When you use our website you take complete responsibility for doing so and liability for any risk. Our website is provided ‘as is’, there are no further conditions, warranties or representations, either explicit or implicit, in relation to the information you receive there. This includes, but is not limited to, the material, content, services and functions we make available. These are offered without any guarantees regarding accuracy, comprehensiveness, availability or usefulness of the content, or uninterrupted access, guarantees in relation to title, non-infringement, saleability or suitability for a specific purpose.
We cannot guarantee that our website, its functionality, content or materials will always be available, that they will be secure, that the service will be uninterrupted, that it will be error free, that we will correct problems, or that the server, or website that provides our own website is virus free. As such, you use our website at your own risk and you take complete responsibility for any losses connected to your interaction with our website. We cannot be held liable for any damages incurred through anyone using our website.
Under no circumstances will we or any business or person associated with us, or their affiliates, service or content providers, their employees, contractors, suppliers, directors, agents or officers accept any liability with regard to you. This includes, but is not limited to, any exemplary or punitive damages, loss of revenue, business, sales, or any other type of loss, be it consequential, special, incidental, direct or indirect. This applies to civil law, strict liability and in contract, and refers to matters arising from your use of our site, your inability to use our site, the way our site performs, the functionality, the content and material. This applies even if we are aware of any potential for the damages in question.
Certain sets of laws do not allow for the limitation of damages, or the limitation of liability. In such cases some of the above clauses and disclaimers may not apply in your particular case and we will defer to the relevant law. However, our liability will remain limited to the maximum amount allowed by that law.

To the extent agreed by British law you agree to indemnify us, defend us and hold harmless Superloot, along with our employees, officers, directors, agents and contractors against any liabilities, claims, losses or expenses (including any legal fees where relevant), which have arisen due to your use of our website, in relation to your use of our website, or by you violating the Terms, or by posting any Content on the website. This includes, but is not limited to, a third party who claims that material or Content provided by you breeches third party proprietary rights.
The agreement in its entirety
These Terms and the various documents we have referred to here, represent our entire agreement with you in relation to the Terms. These override any previous agreements, arrangements or understanding between you and us, be they made orally or in writing. Along with you, we recognise that prior to agreeing to these Terms, neither you nor Superloot have depended on any promise, undertaking or representation presented by the other party, or implied by anything which was either written down or spoken between us before these Terms – other than where it is specifically stated here in the Terms.

The waiver

If we fail to enforce or apply any provision or right of these Terms this does not mean that the said right or provision is waivered. If we waiver a default, this does not mean that any subsequent defaults will also be waivered. Unless we advise you in writing, no Superloot waiver will become effective.
Our headings

The headings and titles used in these terms are for convenience alone.
The severability clause

If any aspect of these Terms is found by a relevant and competent authority to lack validity, be unenforceable, or unlawful, the said provision will be removed or severed from the rest of the Terms. However, these remaining Terms will continue to be enforced insofar as is permitted by British law.
The governing law

Should any dispute relate to, or begin as a result of these Terms, the use of our website, the services we offer, our products, or our Privacy Policy, it will be resolved according to British law. Any proceeding, dispute or action which relates to your use or access to our website, or the Terms, will be brought before a British court. You unequivocally agree to be bound by such courts, their venue and jurisdiction.
Where to contact us with questions and concerns
Whatever you’d like to discuss, ask, or inform us of, please send your comments to:


Thank you,

-The Super Loot Team

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