Tech-based Kickstarter campaigns to satisfy your inner geek

whyopenKickstarter attracts all kinds of start-up projects that seek out crowdfunding to get them through the early stages of production.  Depending on the size of your donation, the designers might send you  updates, peripherals, or even provide an entire working example of the product once it’s ready.  Here are a few of the most promising geeky examples to emerge from the Kickstarter stable in recent months.


An interesting crowd funded project, the Dot is a tiny headphone-type device that slips into your ear and works wirelessly.  Its unique selling point is its size and functionality, you can kiss goodbye to untangling your headphone lead before listening to your favourite tunes and lugging around your giant Beats by Dre Solos might not be cool for much longer.  The Dot has a six hour playback life or nine hours if you’re just taking calls.   One of the manufacturer’s best innovations is having the case double up as a portable charger, so you’ll never be without sounds.


Are you easily distracted?  Do you find colleagues, YouTube and eBay infinitely more interesting than your actual job?  Well now there’s a way of ensuring none of these take up your valuable work time, as well as proving how well you’ve done at any upcoming appraisal.   Saent is a software device that locks the user into the app or pages they need to complete a task, blocking anything unneeded like social networking sites or certain notifications.  It also provides evidence of your productivity that can be gloatingly compared with that of your work mates, or casually presented to your boss when appropriate.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a drone that you can use to to fight your friends on a multiplayer platform – this8661000014_715a3135e5_o is the Kickstarter for you.  TobyRich claim their drones are the first gaming aircraft models that can be controlled from a smart phone and allow for all kinds of interactivity.  Choose an air-to-air dog fight if your friend also has a Vegas, or air-to-ground if they don’t.  You can also challenge other pilots to a race on a pre-set route, or play alone to learn a series of stunts. Each drone is fitted with GPS and an HD camera, meaning you can punch in a flight plan, then take a photo of a precise location, or just sit back and enjoy a birds-eye view of the world when the drone is in GURU mode.

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