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Our Top 10 DC Movies


Lots can be said about DC movies, the most recent ones really divide people’s opinions, some love them some hate them. I’m a comic book fan have been since I was very young so for me each film is just a different version of the character, it’s how it’s been in the comics for years…

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Justice League Review – Can the Superhero’s save the day?

Batman vs Superman was OK, Wonder Woman did much better and after all the turmoil behind the scenes during filming of Justice League it’s a wonder it wasn’t a total mess, but credit where credit is due, Zack Snyder manged to release a pretty fun film. There are the obvious issues with any film when…

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Three Times Wonder Woman Crossed The Line

  Sometimes we all let our emotions get the better of us, and when that happens we make bad decisions.  The difference is that when we mess up, we don’t do it with god-like powers.  When Wonder Woman goes off the rails, things can get messy fast.   Killing Maxwell Lord   Wonder Woman is…

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