Supporting UK Indy Comic Creators – Bruno Stahl

To launch Super Loot’s campaign to support UK Indy comic creators, we’re proud this month to team up with Bruno Stahl.

Bruno is an established UK comic book artist based in Leeds, in addition to working on the sci-fi comic anthology Spacewarp with Pat Mills (creator of 2000AD), Bruno has also released his own self-published comic called “The Hans”.


Bruno Stahl currently working on Space Warp with Pat Mills as the artist for Jurassic Punx; as well as a few commissions and solo pieces including The Hans


The Han’s features amazing artwork from Bruno

In The Hans, “Our hero is 12-year-old Arthur Amsel, who has an unlimited imagination and a dying father. Hans is a mysterious man wandering a Lovecraftian post-apocalyptic world in the company of his trusty dog Hellmut. Both their worlds are on a collision course and reality is not what it seems to be”

The series has been well received by audiences and peers in the industry alike. What we feel is unique about the series is the traditional painted pages and style stands out from a lot of other artists at the moment. Even with a horror element to the comic, it’s been really enjoyed by younger age 12+ as it’s a great introduction to Lovecraftian horror.

As part of this collaboration, we will be including episode 1 of The Hans in our next Super Loot mystery box, which ships at the end of this month.




New subscribers can still signup before the 20th June 2020 to receive the box, which will contain a copy of the Hans, an exclusive t-shirt, a mystery selection of collectibles from pop culture, retro candy and much more.

To celebrate this crossover, we’ll also be including a limited edition print from Bruno in one lucky subscriber’s box!

You can also join the discussion and get a chance to win a further exclusive artwork piece from Bruno over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We hope you enjoy this special addition to our June boxes and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

To support Bruno’s amazing work, please visit :