Super Looters - Mega Crate Giveaway

We're a UK startup run by our fans, the Super Looters! It's our mission to become the best monthly mystery geek experience in the UK.

The only way we'll get there is to listen to your feedback, the good and the bad, to keep improving and selecting the partners, brands , unique items and collectibles you want featured in your next boxes.

We also like to reward our online Super Looters with regular bonus prizes for helping us with opinions and spreading the good word of Super Loot across social.

To get involved complete any or all of the actions in our Mega Crate Giveaway and put your name in the hat as many times as you can to win over £150 of Super Loot Goodies!

Super Loot Winners & Fan Wall

We love to feature our competition winners and community across our social channels, so keep sharing your Super Loot photos and videos to win further bonus prizes and exclusive partnerships.