Star Wars: The Force Awakens – and so do the conspiracy theories

yoda-667955_640JJ Abrams re-boot of this epic franchise is being drip fed to eager fans one trailer at a time prior to its release on 18th December in the UK. Marketing is a big part of the filmic experience these days and naturally the teasers have taken on a life of their own, prompting an army of bloggers and commenter’s to create a whole world of narratives which may or may not be true. Here are a few doing the rounds right now;
There’s a tribute to Star Wars origins in Japanese cinema
Most film buffs agree that the opening sequence in the second trailer, showing a masked Rey descending into a wrecked ship, is a homage to the 1984, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, the first anime film from Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki. As George Lucas has often acknowledge the influence of another Japanese classic, The Hidden Fortress, released in 1958, on Star Wars, it seems Abrams is giving a nod to the franchise’s cinematic roots.
Will Luke turn to the dark side?
In the wake of a recent interview given by Mark Hamill in which he discusses the possibility of becoming a Sith, there have been frantic rumblings in the sci-fi community about the role Luke will play in the up-coming movie. Speculation has been encouraged by the fact that he doesn’t appear on the latest promotional posters – but is there really enough evidence to take the theory seriously? Well, just like last time it seems the past is 15730026991_aace20b7eeshrouded in mystery, as Han has to confirm to the newbie kids that the legends about the Jedi are all true. But wherever he is, Luke still has R2-D2 for company, because we see him reach out to touch the little guy with his black-gloved hand. Many people think Luke is living in self-imposed exile like Obi-Wan before him, and it becomes essential to reach him before Kylo Ren’s forces take hold.
Leia and Han’s family ties – it’s complicated
Family has always been a central part of the Star Wars saga, so it makes sense to assume the Princess and her ‘half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder’ have children. Right now most fans are assuming that Rey is their daughter, who has grown up as driven and adventurous as her parents, but a lesser known theory is that her missing brother may already have turned to the dark side… Worse still, it has been suggested that Han doesn’t survive this episode, but let’s not even go there.

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