Six bits of cool weird stuff, you can actually afford

640px-Nao_robot,_Jaume_UniversityDo you find yourself hankering after the kind of gadgets that only the Saudi royal family have access to? Yep, expensive tastes aren’t always easy to manage, but sometimes you can pick up a geektacular bit of kit without having to miss out on food or heating for the rest of the month.  Here are a few fun items you can purchase online from the comfort of your sofa – prices change, so those given are estimates.

World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car, £2

At just 32g, this tiny eco-friendly vehicle is a manageable method of harnessing the power of the sun, without needing to be a super-villain set on world domination.  Despite its diminutive size, the inbuilt solar panel holds enough charge for a quick burn around the floor or kitchen table – just don’t let the dog get hold of it.

TeckNet® High Precision Gaming Mouse, £17

Packed full of complex tech that enables players to make lightning-fast decisions, this mouse from the future also feels comfy to hold, thanks to the ‘ergonomic design’.  It might not actually make you a better gamer, but check out that cool blue glow – what else d’ ya want?

Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, £15

When you simply cannot go anywhere without your favourite tunes or a friend for moral support, this shower- safe speaker is perfect.  Stick it to the wall with the suction cup provided, it’ll last 10 hours on one charge and communicates wirelessly with devices fewer than 33 feet away.

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug, £4

If you can’t live without a creamy latte and frothy hot chocolate, or you’ve lost all the teaspoons, this mug can make it all good.  Fitted with a battery powered motor, it whizzes the drink up from beneath creating a whirlpool effect that’ll keep some people occupied for hours.

Robot USB Hub, £16

Aw… a little robot!  This cute USB hub bears a passing resemblance to Brian from the Confudownload (9) ads, but he’s much more than a pretty face.  Connect him with up to four USB ports, watch his cute blue eyes light up, and then procrastinate a little more before beginning work – lovely.

Magical Rainbow Projector Light, £6

You’re never too old to believe in fairies and now you can bring a sense of their otherworldly realm into your room every night.  Just switch on, for a colourful, ethereal display, that gently lulls you into peaceful sleep.  Mirrors are involved.

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