September 2017 Super Loot

September 2017 Super Loot Box

The Super Loot September 2017 box.

Breakfast like the ultimate superhero and be ready for anything with the Superman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter! A great start to the day, this Superman themed egg cup means your ordinary Clark Kent egg soon dons his boots and cape (not to mention classic hair do) to become the ultimate comic book hero. The set also comes with an ‘S’ shield toast cutter and plastic spoon making it a great gift for budding superheroes.

Cool retro Marvel Comic Pocket Notebook to keep a note of all the superhero feats you have achieved during the day.

A brilliant Superman magnetic bottle opener to help unwind after a successful day saving the world. Shaped like the iconic shield logo with a stylish metal effect ‘s’, the magnet is a wonderfully Cool piece of Superman memorabilia for your home.

Brighten up a rainy afternoon or a long car journey by playing this Top Trumps card game. Featuring 30 of your favourite emotis, from heart eyes to a wink face. Each emoti is packed full of stats so that you can discover which emoti is the friendliest and which has the highest twitter following! (Other boxes included Star Wars, 007 and Dr Who versions of the game)

Classically Trained Nintendo Inspired T-Shirt for the hardcore gamer out there.

Stay tuned for the Super Loot October 2017 Stranger Things 2 Themed box