Real-life skills from the realms of Skyrim

Fed up with your Skyrim level being under appreciated by your family and friends? If so, next time they ask what you’re getting from being an orc/cat/lizard and fighting spiders/trolls/dragons, point out a few of the skills you’ve picked up since your botched execution….

The importance of timing

When you’re deep into a game, timing is everything, nowhere is this more evident than when you need to hide from a troll or wolf whilst waiting for that stamina bar to refill.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve crouched behind a rock or door listening to the bold Ride of the Valkyries type sound track and stayed there until I got a fair chance at winning.  It’s not the flashiest way to make a kill, but a little patience (and a decent hiding place) can save you from having to repeat the same monotonous mistakes twenty times.

Only take what you need

A great life lesson and one that’s reiterated when you’re exploring the massive expanse of houses, cavesdownload (15) and towns of Skyrim.  Like a lot of players I spent my first gaming hours picking up everything I could find, from forks to boots and shields.  I indiscriminately gathered piles of useless artefacts that weighed me down and prevented me from taking or using what I actually needed to survive.   Like every hoarder, there came a point when my collection had to be dumped to streamline my life.  That is….until I got a house to store it all in.

Get organised

Forget to save after an important victory and you’ll have to slog through the whole exhausting experience again.  Autosave is your friend but it’s not to be relied on after you’ve just slaughtered 20 draugr, exhausted your magika, located the amulet and you’re ready to get the hell out of dodge – then you need to take charge personally.  Organisation of time is also vital if you want to make any kind of real progress.   In the early stages I tried to read every book I found, I was bedazzled by the history and mythology created around Skyrim.  By about book number five I realised they were all great and full of fascinating detail, but I’d be finished before the game was if I didn’t press on.   Now I’ll open every book in case it enhances my powers and then snap it shut.  I’ll go back and finish them one day, I can’t ignore them forever.


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