Excellent film news from the Star Wars and Jurassic Park franchises

By sarahj | April 27, 2017

In casting news that will warm the cockles of our collective hearts, it’s been announced that Dr Ian Malcolm himself, AKA Jeff Goldblum, will return to the Jurassic Park universe, as part of the new feature, Jurassic World 2.  Dr Malcolm was last seen swearing never to return in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997),…

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Four excellent PC games that are totally free to play

By sarahj | April 21, 2017

Impressive new graphics hardware is being promised from AMD in the coming weeks, and there’s also a crop of highly desirable big name titles on the way like Star Wars Battlefront 2, but how to afford all these cool goodies?  By saving your cash in the meantime and going for free games instead of course!…

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Three of the best sci-fi films available now on Amazon Prime

By sarahj | April 11, 2017

Although it’s often seen as a less cool version of the ubiquitous Netflix, Amazon Prime have a diverse range of sci-fi offerings for their geeky members.  Between them they represent everything that’s great about the genre, from outer space, to rebelling AI and dystopian futures.  The list changes regularly, so if you’re flicking through and…

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Three obscure gaming Easter Eggs that you probably would’ve missed

By sarahj | April 5, 2017

We don’t tend to expect humour from our video games – mainly because we’re too busy shooting people -but occasionally there are surprisingly funny elements hidden away.   As well as the scripted humour, developers throw in a few meaningful Easter Eggs that reference other games, but spotting them isn’t always easy.  Here’s a look at…

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Three cool film sequences that didn’t make the final cut

By sarahj | March 30, 2017

Film making can be a costly pastime, and from the script to the finished product there are many scenes which won’t make the grade.  This doesn’t mean the scenes are below par, as it’s more usually linked to time restraints.  Here are some of those that were never part of a cinematic release… World War…

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The dream is over for Terminator 6 – Arnie won’t be back

By sarahj | March 23, 2017

Terminator is a cult smash that began with former bodybuilding god, Arnold Schwarzenegger, began playing the iconic T-800 in 1984.  Although James Cameron had originally chosen him to play the film’s hero, Arnold managed to convince the director that he’d make a better job of the robot.   The initial sequels, Judgement Day, released in 1991,…

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Three non-US conspiracy theories from around the net

By sarahj | March 16, 2017

Americans seem to have all the best conspiracy theories, but if you take a minute to search for them it’s clear that plenty of other countries have their own, sometimes even weirder, conspiracies too.  Here’s a look at three of the best… Canada – Castro’s love child is now the prime minister  Justin Trudeau is one…

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So, who’s Laura? More about Wolverine’s new disciple in Logan

By sarahj | March 7, 2017

In Logan, the third and last of the Wolverine films, we get to see the clawed hero feeling his age a little.  His healing powers can barely keep up with the relentless damage his body is subjected to, and his friends have virtually all gone.  This is a time when mutants are reaching extinction, but…

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In this weeks gaming news; two new adventures from familiar titles…

By sarahj | February 28, 2017

RE7 Not a Hero – content clues arrive We’ve known for a while that the Resident Evil 7 DLC, Not a Hero, would be appearing soon, but the details were pretty sketchy.  However, that all changed this week when the CapCom Twitter account revealed that Chris Redfield will be making an appearance in the new…

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Four 21st century sci-fi smashes to watch this weekend

By sarahj | February 20, 2017

The 21st century may not have brought us food pills, hovering cars and robot butlers, but we have been treated to a crop of impressive cinematic sci-fi.  Here are four of the finest from the first 17 years of this bold new era…. Moon (2009) Some films have the look and feel of a future…

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Three times studios ignored comic lore and still nailed it

By sarahj | February 14, 2017

From where we are now, it’s almost impossible to recall a time when comic book adaptations were not part of the cinema scene.  However, aside from classics like Batman (1989), by Tim Burton, and Superman (1978), by Richard Donner, most were complete flops – despite a few sterling performances.  Think Spawn (1997), the Fantastic 4(2005)…

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