When actors suffer for their art…

By sarahj | June 9, 2017

We’ve all had times when work was psychologically and emotionally traumatising – basically everyday.  But for some actors, who we tend to think have got off lightly in the employment stakes, staring into the abyss for a role, rubbed off onto them in real life.   Performances that get close to the bone are mesmerising, but…

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Six horror video games that are genuinely terrifying

By sarahj | June 2, 2017

If you’re one of the thousands who’ve downloaded the new Friday The 13th game and not yet had chance to play, here’s a list of six other excellent horror titles, which can instil a feeling of lingering dread in seconds… Dead Space The most terrifying thing about Dead Space is the behaviour and design of…

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Three Times Wonder Woman Crossed The Line

By sarahj | May 26, 2017

  Sometimes we all let our emotions get the better of us, and when that happens we make bad decisions.  The difference is that when we mess up, we don’t do it with god-like powers.  When Wonder Woman goes off the rails, things can get messy fast.   Killing Maxwell Lord   Wonder Woman is…

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Three Incredible Trailers for Depressingly Bland Movies

By sarahj | May 19, 2017

Film trailers tend to be pretty formulaic, showing the most spectacular, heart wrenching or inspired moments out of an entire 120 minutes.   It’s often the case that after watching the selected highlights, the real thing is a bit of a let-down.  However, occasionally we’re treated to a preview that moves beyond marketing and into something…

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Six of the most unforgettable deaths in gaming

By sarahj | May 12, 2017

Anyone who’s been playing video games for a while will have witnessed their fair share of bizarre deaths.  They might be sudden swipes from a boss, a prolonged bout with a roaming animal, or falling off a ledge you didn’t even know existed – it’s a jungle out there. Here are six of the least…

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Five things to expect from a modern film snob

By sarahj | May 3, 2017

Some of us are happy to be self-confessed film snobs, but there are certain lines that should never be crossed.   Looking down on people who don’t ‘get’ arthouse movies If you or someone you know has a mental list of films that are deemed ok to like and a list that are definite no-no’s, snobbery…

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Excellent film news from the Star Wars and Jurassic Park franchises

By sarahj | April 27, 2017

In casting news that will warm the cockles of our collective hearts, it’s been announced that Dr Ian Malcolm himself, AKA Jeff Goldblum, will return to the Jurassic Park universe, as part of the new feature, Jurassic World 2.  Dr Malcolm was last seen swearing never to return in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997),…

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Four excellent PC games that are totally free to play

By sarahj | April 21, 2017

Impressive new graphics hardware is being promised from AMD in the coming weeks, and there’s also a crop of highly desirable big name titles on the way like Star Wars Battlefront 2, but how to afford all these cool goodies?  By saving your cash in the meantime and going for free games instead of course!…

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Three of the best sci-fi films available now on Amazon Prime

By sarahj | April 11, 2017

Although it’s often seen as a less cool version of the ubiquitous Netflix, Amazon Prime have a diverse range of sci-fi offerings for their geeky members.  Between them they represent everything that’s great about the genre, from outer space, to rebelling AI and dystopian futures.  The list changes regularly, so if you’re flicking through and…

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Three obscure gaming Easter Eggs that you probably would’ve missed

By sarahj | April 5, 2017

We don’t tend to expect humour from our video games – mainly because we’re too busy shooting people -but occasionally there are surprisingly funny elements hidden away.   As well as the scripted humour, developers throw in a few meaningful Easter Eggs that reference other games, but spotting them isn’t always easy.  Here’s a look at…

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Three cool film sequences that didn’t make the final cut

By sarahj | March 30, 2017

Film making can be a costly pastime, and from the script to the finished product there are many scenes which won’t make the grade.  This doesn’t mean the scenes are below par, as it’s more usually linked to time restraints.  Here are some of those that were never part of a cinematic release… World War…

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