Jurassic World…the story so far

It feels like eons have passed since Steven Spielberg first brought his stunning download (1)blend of animatronics and CGI to the big screen.   Twenty-two years after top tapping velociraptors and a sneezing brachiosaur and there’s a new terrible lizard in town, Indominus Rex.   According to a cleverly constructed website that’s promoting the park and film, Isla Nubar is once again open for visitors and if you’re feeling lucky, there’s even a hotel complex on site.  The release date has been set for the 11th June here in the UK, but what do we already know about this summer’s monster blockbuster?

Scientists in the Hammond Creation Lab still don’t stop to think if they should

In the latest trailer we find out that the suits in charge want to get more bums on seats, therefore genetic modification is used to ‘up the wow factor’.   Just like in Jurassic Park, scientists can simply whiz up a dinosaur to order on Isla Nubar and we all know how it ended before.  BD Wong does the honours once again as Dr Henry Woo, who smiles as he delivers the killer line ‘she was designed to be bigger than the T-Rex’.

Park security is still an issue…bit part co-worker is first casualty.

When the Indominus Rex is first shown, she’s about to attack Chris Pratt’s dinosaur trainer, Owen Grady.  Her introduction into the Jurassic family has not gone well and instead of integrating with her peers, the GM dino’s aggressive tendencies have spiralled out of control.   Owens dinosaur wrangling techniques get completely derailed and he barely makes it out of the paddock alive – slightly later it’s an extra who’s shown to be the first victim.

There’s plenty of fresh meat

Chris Pratt is exactly the kind of rugged hero the re-boot needed to match up to the charismatic performances ofdownload Jeff Goldblum and Sam O’Neil.  His star-power is peaking right now as he’s fresh from ripping it up in Guardians of The Galaxy and The Lego Movie, but whatever he does on screen, he’s always going to be upstaged by the films numerous prehistoric predators.  His human co-star is Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of director Ron Howard and famous for her roles in Eclipse and The Help.  Her character, Claire Dearing, bridges the gap between the faceless corporate side of the park and Owen at the business end.  And it’s Claire who makes the chilling phone call explaining ‘we have an asset out of containment’.

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