Five real-world hacks for a smoother gaming experience

gamer-ring-1-600x420Are you tired of having your precious gaming time interrupted by minor inconveniences that soon become major issues?  We’d all love more time to play in an atmosphere conducive to serious gaming – so here’s a list of five hacks to make the process extra smooth:

Your back will thank you for a proper gaming chair

If you play in the same position for more than a few hours a day, you need to get hold of a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair, before backache kicks in. You might not be feeling it now, but you still want to gaming when you’re in your eighties right?  Course you do, that’s why along with the latest gadgets, collectables, games and accessories you need a chair that keeps your spine supported.

Do adjust your set

Most TV’s don’t come out of the box optimised for gaming, your 65” flat screen 4K Ultra High Def set may look extremely cool – but the default display settings might be holding your gaming action back.  Check for a game mode setting to ensure there’s no artificial input lag when you play, as this can really make a difference – especially to multi-player titles.

Use protection

As well as hiding your miles of cable neatly behind book cases or units, think about buying specialised electric cord protectors to keep your power supply safe from your pets.  Dogs and cats both love a good chew, as do smaller animals like hamsters and guinea pigs – if you happen to have them roaming your home.  So, to avoid your pet frying – and you having to buy expensive new equipment – get protection.

Improvise your storage solutions

When you’ve invested a fortune in the latest headset, the last thing you want to do is leave it laying around the house waiting to be dropped, trod on or squashed into a draw during a tidy up session.  Avoid that by picking up a cheap banana holder from your nearest supermarket, or Amazon. They’re also great for ensuring your headset stays high and dry if something gets spilled nearby.

And finally

If you’re an experienced parent or older sibling, you’ll almost certainly be aware of this gem of an idea for gaming with kids who are too young to play in any meaningful way.  By passing them an unplugged controller, you can convince them that they are playing (even helping!) whilst still having the entire screen to yourself – perfect.