Five creepy horror apps to play on the go

creepy_shack_1_by_raggedclaw-d3h3rkqIf you are in deep with the darker side of gaming, and have console withdrawal symptoms whenever life forces you to get up, leave the house and do responsible things, then download a few great horror apps for playing on the go.  Here are five of the best for scaring yourself witless on the night bus.

Lost Within

Don’t be put off by the asylum setting of this gorgeous looking game, because aside from that one cliché, this is a fun and original horror app. You need to explore the building’s secrets and find out more about its terrifying history, while being pursued by a series of gross-looking enemies. The journey is made more thrilling with a clever bit of storytelling and numerous jump scares.

Tormentum: Dark Sorrow

With plenty of Gigeresque imagery, the environments in this cold and foreboding horror are a gothic fans dream.  You play as someone trapped inside a barbaric fortress, with a series of revolting tasks and puzzles standing between you and freedom.   Find deadly worms and giant killer spiders then maim them and use their body parts to get past your virtual jailers.  It’s just a bleak as it sounds, but if you’re a horror aficionado this is one of 2016’s best iOS games.

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

If you loved the atmosphere of Silent Hill, Forgotten Memories will bring it all flooding back.  The cool, yet tough heroine is Rose, a woman looking for a child that’s gone missing.  You manage the games progress in the third person, searching through dripping, dank sets and peering into the darkness, hoping to find one of the apps elusive save spots before dying.

Dead Eyes

One for the zombie lovers out there, this game is all about navigating your way past the shambling unold-scary-creepy-housedead and emerging at the exit intact.   Rather than starve to death when you find yourself running out of food and water, you decide to venture out of your zombie apocalypse shelter.   Naturally you’ll need a fully functioning brain to complete the pretty challenging puzzles, while the grey wash and swirling fog make it all feel extra oppressive.

Indigo Lake

Featuring a decent driving experience and a good first person shooter type adventure, this glossy, well-made game is smarter than your average app.  Players have to make their way through an open world environment, that’s shrouded in mystery and populated by evil spirits.  You progress by solving a range of puzzles, including authentic American Indian pictograms and dodging the psychological trickery.