Buying for the geek in your life this Valentine’s Day

i-love-halloweenValentine’s Day doesn’t exactly inspire a gift buying bonanza amongst most geeks, not many of us are inspired by pink bows, heart shaped mugs, and cute teddies.  However, if you need to show your love in a more meaningful way, here are a few alternatives for you to consider, all available from Amazon UK:

8-Bit Retro Flower Bouquet, £10

Surprise your gamer sweetheart with a Super Mario themed bunch of flowers, an ornament that’s even more 80’s than legwarmers.  The good news is, you won’t need to worry about watering it, so just hang it from the wall, or prop it up using the stand, depending on the space you’ve got available.

Canned Unicorn Meat, £16

Make sure you share an odd sense of humour before gifting this slightly bizarre snack, because given to the wrong Valentine, it could backfire spectacularly.  It’s completely edible, although there have been reports of people losing a tooth on a stray bit of horn, so chuck it in your sandwiches for a romantic evening meal.

Grumpy Cat Plush Toy £20

Soft, huggable and grumpy, this meme friendly plush will bring a smile to anyone who unwraps it this Valentines.  There’s always a risk that someone might take it a little personally, so whether or not you dare to give it as a present is completely up to you.

Warm Heart Gel Hand Warmer £2

Ensure the object of your affections keeps nice and toasty this February, with a cosy heart hand warmer.  All they need to do is flex the small metallic disc inside the pad for instant warming sensations.  It can also be reactivated with a 10 minute hot water bath.

Vampire Magnetic Poetry Kit £16

Poetry is romantic right?  But to make it that bit more edgy, how about writing verse to each other that goes straight for the jugular – rather than the heart.   Practice your knowledge of ancient vampire lore, with over two hundred themed words like Centuries, Blood, Graveyard and Moonlight.

Meteorite jewellery £3 and up

This unique jewellery is available in all shapes and sizes, set within pendants, rings, earrings and bangles. Each piece is a blend of shimmering colours including silver, brown and black, but there’s a lot of variation in these naturally formed beauties.   The best pieces always come with a certificate of authentication, showing exactly which site they’re from, and what their chemical composition is – most are fragments of iron.