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Supporting UK Indy Comic Creators – Bruno Stahl

To launch Super Loot’s campaign to support UK Indy comic creators, we’re proud this month to team up with Bruno Stahl. Bruno is an established UK comic book artist based in Leeds, in addition to working on the sci-fi comic anthology Spacewarp with Pat Mills (creator of 2000AD), Bruno has also released his own self-published…

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4 things we learnt about Avengers Endgame

To celebrate the release of Avengers Endgame on DVD/BlueRay this month, Super Looter, Adam B takes a reflective look at the film after having the chance to rewatch it in the comfort of his own home. Plus we have news of our Avengers Endgame Blue-Ray giveaway competition. Three months ago I walked out of the cinema…

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Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos

It hurts for me to write about Stan Lee in the past tense, he was a hero to me and someone I’d always hoped to meet but was never lucky enough to have had the opportunity. One of my prized possessions is the autograph I managed to obtain when Stan made his last appearance at…

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Our Top 10 DC Movies


Lots can be said about DC movies, the most recent ones really divide people’s opinions, some love them some hate them. I’m a comic book fan have been since I was very young so for me each film is just a different version of the character, it’s how it’s been in the comics for years…

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7 moments we can’t wait to see in the Final Fantasy VII remake

With a release date of 3rd March 2020 confirmed at E3, it seems like what once could be described as a RPG fan’s fever dream is finally coming true – Square Enix is releasing a remake of Final Fantasy VII. The landmark JRPG title revolutionised the genre when it was released on the PlayStation in…

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The 10 Most Anticipated Movies For the Rest of 2019

As the wise Associate Bob said in Demolition Man, “Greetings and salutations!”, my name is Chris and I will be your guide on Super Loot’s guide to the 10 most anticipated movies for the rest of 2019. As moviegoers, we have been utterly spoiled by the number of quality films that have been released so far…

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Is Spider-Man the next Iron Man?

Swinging into a cinema near you is Spider-Man: Far From Home, where Tom Holland reprises the role as Stan Lee’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Many fans had given up on ever seeing a decent Spider-Man movie, but this one certainly delivers! Here’s why: 1. Amazing casting Tom Holland‘s rendition of Spider-Man is by far the best…

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Loot boxes in video games: What are they?

overwatch loot boxes

The use of loot boxes within video games has recently hit the headlines again following a huge backlash from gamers over the way Battlefield II handled the in-game loot system. In this article we switch from real physical Super Loot to investigate the world of virtual loot boxes to unearth the reasons for their huge…

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