3 of the best jump-scare moments in video gaming

download (4)Not sure why we love a good scare, but it’s a fact that horrific games remain popular year after year.  Here are three of the best moments, specially created to freak out players.

Alien Isolation

Sevastopol is packed with creepiness, from the numerous dead bodies, to smoke filled passages, murderous ex-crew members and robots gone bad, but the mother of them all is an 8 foot tall alien.  From the first time you see it ooze up into the roof, to later in the game where things get a lot more personal, the aliens mere presence is terrifying.  Isolation puts players in a massive predicament,  hide under a random gurney and hold your breath as it stalks past or leg it to safely – neither of which work every time.  Ripley is easily outrun in a corridor and you can’t keep out of sight forever, when the thudding gets louder it’s just a matter of seconds before the Xenomorph’s tail appears, dripping in blood, having forced it’s way through your chest cavity.

Dead Space 2

Unlike in Isolation, Dead Space 2 plays up the guns and grenades and the genuine scares become infrequent.  Fans 19045560175_7d6c6b4a08weren’t happy because the original was a pretty stunning scarefest, boasting an emotionally charged atmosphere and extremely unpleasant undertones.  However, this second installment doesn’t disappoint on every level, Isaacs eye surgery is especially awful, but for a true jump out of your skin moment the exploding baby Necromorph is the best.  As he wanders past the nursery area, Isaac sees a long-time crazy woman with an undead baby crawling towards her, she scoops it up and as she does it explodes messily, splattering her innards across the room.

The Last Of Us

You’d expect an apocalyptic game to have its share of shocks, but The Last of Us ratchets up the sense of hopelessness, panic and fear by pitting players against all kinds of enemies.  From dishonest cannibal humans, to the grotesque clickers and mercenary medical staff, you can trust no one.  Every new scene and season sees Joel and Ellie up against the wall, sometimes with just their survival skills to rely on.  One segment in particular stands out above the others though – like many of the most nerve jangling moments it happens when the protagonists have been separated.  Joel is wading through a flooded underground room and in the pitch black, it’s impossible to tell what’s lurking in the shadows.  His task is to crank up a generator and as he does, every nasty in the place is after him.  Ignoring the chaos, you need to reach the door before being ripped to shreds.


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