3 Geektastic bars in Europe to check out this summer

SherlockHolmesPubIf you’re staycationing this year, or you’ll be heading over to Europe for a few weeks, there are a few bars you can’t miss.  These aren’t just pit stops, more sites of pilgrimage for geeks from across the world – each with its own special place in the echelons of fandom.   Get inebriated at and inspired by these three gems…

Tavern Brabant, Tavern U krále Brabantského, Thunovská 15, 110 00 PRAHA 1 – Malá Strana 

One of Prague’s most historic pubs and nestled in the heart of town, on the spectacular Royal Way, this medieval drinker boasts its own catacomb and even provides traditional entertainment from times of yore.  This is the perfect spot for living the medieval dream, especially as the entire building is set right underneath Prague Castle.  The place is brimming with legends and myths, not least because of the unruly crowd it seems to attract – past patrons are said to include alchemists, executioners and rogues of various persuasions.  You’ll feel right at home.

The Sherlock Holmes, 10 Northumberland Street, St James’s, Greater London, WC2N 5DB

Serving fresh food and IPA all day –  as well as coffee for the more refined guest – this memorabilia packed pub is a Holmes themed extravaganza with huge amounts of ephemera to lust after.  It’s a traditional pub with the kind of atmosphere you’d expect from a friendly local, but with the focus on everything Sherlock, this is very far from an average boozer.  Turn up after this September’s Sherlock convention at the ExCeL for a warm welcome, or go along in January to celebrate the great sleuth’s birthday with other fans.  Expect an evening of indulgence with cakes and champagne – just book a table way in advance if you’re interestedGiger_Bar_Gruyeres_Ben_W_Bell_30_5_2005

HR. Giger bars, Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland and Comercialstrasse 23 – 7007 Chur, Switzerland

In a league of their own are the Alienesque Giger bars, both of which are located in Switzerland.  Originally one was set for a New York home, but when costs spiralled, plans had to change.  Many people feel the best part of visiting either establishment is the first time you ever walk in and are confronted with what looks like a full blown Alien invasion.   The ceilings and walls are encased in swirling masses of Giger’s bio-tech designs, the seats let you feel what it’d be like to sit in the lap of the Alien and even the lighting fixtures have a gothic twist.